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Summer is Over. Czechia Will Finally Experience Cool Mornings.

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Intense thunderstorms and heavy rainfall swept across the Czech Republic from Saturday through Sunday, bringing an end to the tropical heat that had dominated the past two weeks. As we move into the upcoming week, it’s likely that we’ll be reaching for both our sweaters and umbrellas, though the farewell to summer weather hasn’t arrived just yet this year. By early September, temperatures are projected to once again climb well above twenty degrees.

“The conclusion of August will no longer mirror summer across most regions. In Bohemia, temperatures will drop notably below the norm, while Moravia and Silesia may experience potent thunderstorms accompanied by potentially hazardous meteorological phenomena from Monday evening into Tuesday. The persistent cold front will subsequently be ousted by a high-pressure system during the latter half of the week. Consequently, cloud cover and precipitation will dwindle. The advent of summer-like weather is anticipated to grace the Czech Republic at the onset of September,” remarked meteorologist Dagmar Honsová in a statement to Novosti.

Monday will see a prevailing expanse of heavy clouds over the Czech Republic in the morning hours, with rainfall encompassing the majority of the country, at times being intense. Isolated occurrences of thunderstorms could transpire, particularly later in the afternoon in the eastern regions, where they might bring along hail, heavy downpours, and forceful gusts of wind. Afternoon temperatures are poised to hover around 13 °C in the western areas, contrasting with a high of up to 25 °C in southern Moravia.

Tuesday anticipates a cool and rainy atmosphere. Showers and rain, occasionally punctuated by thunderstorms, will gradually wane throughout the afternoon. Morning temperatures will dip to 14 to 10 °C. In Bohemia, the thermometer’s readings will range between 13 and 18 °C during the afternoon hours, while the eastern reaches might witness highs reaching 22 °C.

The weather on Wednesday is projected to echo a similar pattern, marked by overcast skies in the morning hours giving way to showers or rainfall in certain locales. Morning temperatures are slated to decline further, registering between 13 and 9 °C, with afternoon temperatures spanning from 18 to 22 °C. Western regions should expect temperatures around 15 °C.

Thursday is expected to bring partially cloudy to cloudy conditions, with afternoon temperatures remaining below the usual summer range of 20 to 24 °C. Despite this, morning temperatures are poised to linger in the range of 12 to 8 °C. Isolated showers might make an appearance.

Friday, September 1, will herald the return of summer-like temperatures. The day will be characterized by clear to partly cloudy skies, possibly accompanied by morning fog. Morning temperatures are projected to range from 12 to 8 °C, later ascending to 23 to 27 °C in the afternoon.

Over the weekend, a blend of clear to partly cloudy skies is expected, accompanied by sporadic morning fog. Occasional showers could materialize on Sunday. Morning temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday are forecasted to hover between 15 and 10 °C, with afternoon temperatures poised to attain the range of 24 to 28 °C.


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