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Two Czechs Pulled Out a Chainsaw During a Fight in Chemnitz

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In the center of Chemnitz, a confrontation occurred between two Czech individuals aged 30 and 40 and local residents, resulting in minor injuries. Disturbingly, one of the Czech citizens was wielding a chainsaw during the altercation.

According to the Chemnitz police department, the incident took place around noon on Thursday when the two men forcibly dragged a 31-year-old Czech woman into a van. Observers at the scene, displaying commendable civic courage, attempted to prevent the van from leaving by positioning themselves in front of it. In response, the men exited the vehicle and started making threats.

During the altercation, one of the Czech men brandished a chainsaw and swung it at those who were intervening to help the woman. The police report does not specify whether the chainsaw was activated during the attack.

Following the incident, multiple residents promptly contacted the police, leading to the dispatch of several patrols to Reitbahnstrasse. The authorities swiftly apprehended the Czech nationals, who were subsequently taken into custody.

Several individuals sustained minor injuries and received outpatient treatment. The case is now under the jurisdiction of the criminal police.

Chemnitz, formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt until 1990, is situated approximately 50 kilometers from the Czech border (Saska-Kamenice).

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