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Czech gaming industry on the rise despite the pandemic

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Czech animation and games production companies reported that 2020 showed better results than 2019 with few negative effects of COVID-19. On the contrary, the effects were mostly positive, and the Czech gaming industry is developing. The results are based on Creatoola’s research. 

The Czech gaming production industry recently performed well on the international arena. For example, Beat Saber from the Beat company sold four million copies over the world.

“In addition to financial stability, these companies also offer the opportunity to participate in projects that go far beyond the borders of our market. Many Czech studies have already achieved significant global success and are working on projects where their people can learn a lot and use the latest technologies and procedures,” Marek Toušek from the Creatoola platform explained.

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t cause unemployment in the gaming sector. 14 out of 19 companies added that they are frequently looking for new people. Getting a job in the gaming sector can be a good investment in a future career.

“The advantage is that these industries have a good future, they thrive. Hard-working and experienced experts also get rewarded very well,” Toušek added. Those companies are in constant search of good specialists in programming, animations, and editors.

Companies also shared information about the salaries. The rise in salaries didn’t happen, however, the salaries are still high. Some results showed 100 000 czk as their salary. A few participants explained that the basic salary for beginners doesn’t exceed 35 000 czk. 

Creatoola’s specialization is in the gaming industry and animation production. It was created by the Animated Film Association with the help of the Brno Game Cluster.

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