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Czechia Managed to Survive Without Russian Gas in the First Half of the Year

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We did not import a single cubic meter of gas from Russia in the first half of the year, Industry and Trade Minister Josef Sikela (STAN) said at a press conference after a government meeting on Wednesday. According to him, gas reservoirs in the Czech Republic remain filled at a record high level of 88%.

“Two important things have been achieved in the first half of 2023. One is that we did not import a single cubic meter of gas from Russia to the Czech Republic,” Sikela announced at a press conference.

According to him, the second is that the Czech Republic’s storage tanks remain filled to record levels.

“As of today, they are more than 88% full,” he said. Last year at this time, he said, the reservoirs were 75% full, and even in 2021 they were only 42% full.

All gas enters the Czech Republic via Germany, the minister said. “Gas from Russia replaces LNG gas from Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as gas from Norway,” he listed.

The total volume of imported gas has decreased, according to Sikela. “I want to thank the Czechs for their very responsible approach to gas consumption. The reduction in consumption has a decisive influence on the fact that we are still doing just fine without gas supplies from Russia,” he told a press conference.



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