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Poland Faces Economic Problems as Ukrainians Leave the Country

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Based on August’s Eurostat data, Poland hosted approximately 978,000 Ukrainian refugees. However, in recent times, a prevailing trend of substantial emigration has emerged among them. While some are returning to Ukraine, others are actively seeking employment and new prospects in Western nations, with Germany and Canada being primary destinations.

In the months of May and June this year, a notable exodus of 14,000 Ukrainian refugees from Poland has sparked concerns among local economists and employers, as reported by Szymon Witkowski, the leader of the Polish Employers’ Union (ZPP), has highlighted the potential perils to the national economy. On the official ZPP website, he expressed apprehension regarding the demographic challenges that may arise due to the absence of migrant workers, a substantial portion of whom are Ukrainians. This dearth could adversely affect multiple sectors of the economy.

Witkowski further contended that despite Poland’s earnest endeavors to aid Ukrainian refugees during the conflict’s early stages, the country is finding itself in a competitive struggle with other nations to attract this valuable labor force.

Local business owners are urgently appealing to the government for decisive action. They stress that the present circumstances might yield enduring repercussions for the labor market, particularly within pivotal domains like construction, trade, and logistics.


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