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Achieving the best price for your property

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Table of Contents

Everybody wants the best price for their property and wants it to sell fast. However, this is not always what will happen in reality.

Your real estate agent should be able to give you a few pointers, but being able to help yourself is probably best. When you are first looking to put your property up for sale, declutter and make the improvements before getting the real estate agent round to give you the best valuation.

Showing your property at its best

This may seem like a no-brainer. However, there are still people who want to get the most they can for their property but can not even be bothered to put the vacuum cleaner around or do the washing up.

Having a good, clean and tidy home will give any potential buyers the idea that you have looked after the property. In contrast, a dirty, untidy, and totally unloved property will make potential buyers wonder what else around the property has been ignored. Even if they are interested, they will be reducing their offer with every step.

Giving your property a new lick of paint to give it a clean, crisp feel and getting floors and carpets professionally cleaned can entice people in, especially if you have pets that you can not smell, but any visitors can. Make sure to have enough furniture that looks homely and comfortable without the space looking cluttered or overloaded. However, you do not want your property to look sparse, as this can give the impression that it is too small to cope with a decent amount of furniture and can make it feel uncomfortable.

If your rooms are small, rather than cutting down on the amount of your furniture, look at the sizes. A smaller two-seater couch will make the room look larger rather than having a large armchair.

Sprucing up your kitchen

When looking at selling your property, one of the main areas to add value in is the kitchen, so this room needs special attention. Getting an interior designer involved could help you get the best from this room and make your viewers want to pay top dollar.

Not only will an interior designer know the designs that are the most sort after, but they will also be able to recommend different looks and materials which you may not have thought of. Have a look for interior designers near me to see if there is someone who can help you get the kitchen that will sell your property for you.

Giving your garden the curb appeal it deserves

The first thing that potential buyers see when they are approaching your property is the outside. It is important to get the curb appeal and get those people wanting to come through the door to see the rest of the property.

If the front of your property looks a mess, or the yard is junk-filled or looks completely unloved, overgrown, or just a total sham, your potential buyers are just going to keep on driving by.

It does not take much effort or money to give a lick of paint, buy some pots or a piece of furniture for your porch – which could be second-hand and then spruced up, to make the area feel a lot more welcoming.

Cut any grass and plant a few flowers. A splash of color in one place can draw the eye away from another, less attractive area that you rather was not on view. Make sure that your front door is clean and that there are no broken glass panels or damaged locks, and that your property number or name is clear and readable.

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