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Government Planning A System Where You Can’t Go Into Pubs Without Vaccine Or Negative Test

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Karel Havlíček, Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic has hinted that the government is building a system whereby people will be refused entry to certain places without a vaccination ID or a negative test no less than “72 hours old.” 

Aktualne reports that the Ministry of Health is building an electronic system that can allow bars, restaurants, and wherever else to verify whether or not their guests have been vaccinated before entering. Without a vaccination, guests would either be banned or forced into taking a test before entering the premises. 

Ostensibly, venues would have a dedicated employee outside with a tablet, either scanning people’s phones for a code, or entering their passport or ID number into the portal. To ensure some type of consent from people, the portal would send a one-time P.I.N code to the person’s phone, which they would have to give to the tester before the portal reveals the results. 

Not being able to do things without the vaccine or a test is presumably meant to encourage people to take the vaccine at a faster rate than they are now. However, it is as of yet unclear whether or not this will be mandatory for venues to implement, and will depend on how the plan passes through legislation, if at all.

The development of this electronic system is apparently the fourth phase of a broader project that should be completed by January 21.

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

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