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Even during the lockdown, Czechs find ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Czechs will celebrate Valentine’s Day mostly at home due to the lockdown, but despite that, they are finding ways to make the day special. Usually, two-thirds of Czechs celebrate this holiday, and the pandemic, allegedly, is not going to stop them.

Czech couples consider vouchers for stays at expensive hotels, spas, and relaxations as a solid romantic gift.

“We will see how much the measures will affect the overall sales. So far, people have spent more from year to year on Valentine’s Day,” Ladislav Veselý, director of Slevomat, stated.

Traveling to Europe during the romantic holiday is losing its popularity because there are many restrictions and requirements.

“There is still an obligation to submit a negative test upon arrival and return to the Czech Republic, which clients simply do not want to undergo on four-day trips, not to mention that such a trip will become more expensive due to tests,” Andrea Řezníčková, the spokeswoman for Invia agency, explained.

Egypt is one of the favorite destinations, according to the tour sellers. Also, gift vouchers for tours are gaining popularity due to the current uncertain situation in the world.

Erotic board games have been gaining popularity since most of the Czechs are celebrating this holiday at home. These kinds of games can make sexual life more interesting, and help couples find new interesting ways of communicating.

“The three most popular games are Sex Experiments from Teddies, Innocent Deluxe Games, and Sin Tower from Albi,” Pavla Hobíková from the e-shop said.

As for the food, Czechs both prefer cooking at home and ordering food from restaurants for take-away. “They can buy good wines, sparkling wines, prosecco and champagne, or soft drinks, dessert or other options for the festive table,” Albert spokesman Jiří Mareček said.

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