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Small Businesses Struggle To Find Young Employees For The Summer

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Usually, hotels, restaurants, and campsites have no problem finding young part-time workers to prepare for summer traffic each year. According to a report by iDNES, this year is a bit different, forcing many small businesses to rethink their plans for summer.

Tomáš Holec, the manager of the Komorník Campsite in Jindřichův Hradec, says that he’s decided to shut down a restaurant at the site and just do window service. According to him, it’s impossible to find people willing to work as waiters.

“Since we couldn’t find the required number of people, we had to shut down regular service. There are no waiters in the restaurant, we just have a window. So because of that, we don’t have to look for about five part-time workers.”

It’s getting harder and harder to find people, even though we try to use advertisements in the media, social networks and, of course, we also reach out to our acquaintances.”

Martina Kramarová, manager of the Slunečná louka hotel in Lipno nad Vltavou, has similar experiences.

“No one is responding at all. I feel that young people don’t want to work. It’s thus twice as difficult to revamp our traffic after such a long break. We’re still looking for waiters and help in the kitchen, and we try to find them using ads or social media, but they don’t respond.”

According to Markéta Ježková, a spokeswoman for Budvar Brewery, many of their job vacancies are still waiting for workers, suggesting that the problem is also hitting the bigger companies.

“We are currently looking for a lot of gastronomy employees, especially waiters and chefs for our operations in České Budějovice and Český Krumlov. We also have vacanies for drivers, purchasing staff and salespeople in our corporate stores. We also need part-time workers for gastronomy and also for production in a bottling plant.”

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