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Autumn is slowly arriving to the Czech Republic

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Get ready: colder days are just around the corner and it might be a good time to get that raincoat out. Weekdays are expected to be mild and sometimes sunny, meanwhile, the weekend will be windy and autumn-cold.

Dagmar Honsová from Meteopress states that air pressure from the southwest will be the main influencer of the weather at the beginning of the week.

Monday promises to be comfortable: from 20 to 25 degrees with partly cloudy weather. Tuesday will be the same, except for occasional showers.

Wednesday, according to Honsová, will put the pressure down because the winds will travel to the UK’s east. The weather will be warmer; the maximum temperature is promised to be 29 degrees. However, it’ll be windy, especially in mountain areas.

Thursday will be less warm: from 21 to 25 degrees with partly cloudy weather.

The weather forecast promises cold air to come from the northwest to the west on Friday. It’s a sign that the autumn weather is getting closer! Friday is expected to be cloudy, with rains and showers. The nighttime temperatures will come at a maximum of 14 degrees, while daytime will rise to 24 and 28 degrees.

Weekends will have the best weather for grabbing your raincoats and leather jackets from the closets. Saturday will be occasionally cloudy and rainy; the thermometer will show from 18 to 22 degrees. The nighttime will be a maximum of 14 degrees.

Sunday will be even colder than Saturday. The rain showers will be heavy. Nights are going to be very cold: from 8 to 12 degrees. Daytime will have 16 to 20 degrees.

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