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Pepper de Callier: things to think about

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Table of Contents

“Winners are just people who know when to quit—and do it often.”  Stephanie Lee

In her article for the New York Times, Lee discusses the value of what she calls “strategic quitting”, or, quitting with intention.  Instead of looking at quitting as a failure, Lee says strategic quitting can represent a leap toward your goals.

Many times we get hung up in thinking about time already invested—sunk costs—and resist stepping outside our thought process to ask a simple question: “Why am I doing this, anyway?”  When we get past the “sunk cost fallacy” and tunnel vision that caused the problem in the first place, we can come to the simple conclusion to just (strategically) quit whatever it is. 

I must say I found Lee’s theory enlightening because of its contextual relevance.  Think about it for a moment, what Lee is really asking us to do is to think critically about what we choose to do with our time—not to be afraid to ask ourselves the hard questions in life.  So, the real question is: Is there anything you’re dealing with right now that deserves to be quit strategically?

Good luck on your journey!

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