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Greek heavenly inspiration during lock-down

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One of the tastier supporters, Greek restaurant and bistro AGORA, is open and running, so we wanted to offer our readers a way to join us on a mini-retreat during the lock-down. We live in an extraordinary time whereas, in our humble City of Prague, we have offers of numerous food options, representing almost every type of food in the word! This restaurant has a great spring proposal which will leave you craving more and can be shared with neighbors between balconies.

AGORA Greek bistro is located in the Exchange (BURZOVNI) PALAC, Rybna 14, Prague 1, connected via passage to KOTVA Shopping Center at Namesti Republiky. It is a bright little haven of relaxation and inspiration, complete with a full traditional market of quality and delicious Greek food products, great for lunch, quick espresso or an evening out. But times have changed. At the moment, AGORA’s rich Greek food selection is available via pick-up window (no drive-through), or delivery services through Uber Eats and Wolt.

You can call them at 773 202 773 or e-mail [email protected].
FB and Instagram orders are also possible.

It has been sunny and warm the past few days and it is exactly during this time of year that I start planning my vacation. The top of my list is usually reserved for Greece. This year there is no list and no way to know what is going on, for we live in atypical times. How can I fulfill those cravings? The weather is magnificent, so I only need the food. I call up AGORA and ask them to send the deliveryman!

When I start daydreaming about MOUSAKA, that rich layered Greek “lasagna” with minced beef, potatoes, aubergine, and bechamel baked to perfection, my tummy starts churning out demanding sounds. Then SOUTZOUKAKIA pops into my head: Aromatic meat balls in red sauce on a bed of steamy rice. With that the LACHANODOLMADES take over: tender juicy cabbage rolls with minced beef and rice remind me of my favorite childhood dish. Then I start losing control and decide to add the super fresh genuine Greek salad. And how can one do a Greek fest without that sweet, crispy, honey-filled delight called BAKLAVA, not to be confused with balaclava, which you need to have over your nose and mouth when the delivery man comes to your door!

You can take my word for it or cite the fact that AGORA is the first Greek restaurant in the Czech Republic to be granted the authentic Taste of Greece certificate and GOLD AWARD accrediting it as an authentic Greek flavor outside of Greece. 

So it is with great thanks to my Greek friends working at Agora for supporting the Prague Monitor project over the past year, but even more so for keeping the restaurant open, adding delivery to the options, and making our containment a little more joyful each day!

Try it, but be advised, it is addictive!

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