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Working from home is no longer enjoyable for half of everybody, according to survey

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Results from a new survey suggest that half of everyone who has been forced to start working from home because of COVID-19 restrictions is no longer enjoying it, and don’t consider it as a benefit. 

Conducted by Czech IT services company System4U, over 1,400 people who have been doing home-office since March of 2020 were asked how they’ve been feeling about their work situation. It generally concluded that at least half of those surveyed were tired of working from home, and believed it was making them less productive and efficient. For example, many people said general communication between their team was becoming extremely difficult.

“Surprisingly, a lot of companies with up to 50 employees don’t use video calls for team meetings. These are more common in larger companies. Paradoxically, young school-children are able to communicate with their teachers from home better than their parents can communicate with their employers,” Martin Koláček from System4u said. 

“Another problem is that they don’t have access to corporate software applications, plus they’re dealing with internet connection instability and authorization restrictions.” 

Every sixth person surveyed complained about a broken connection to their corporate network, and every 8th person complained about clunky software connections. A tenth of the people was frustrated with having to work from slow equipment.

This survey contradicts a previous study by the University of Technology and Economics (VŠTE) in České Budějovice, that suggested employees were being more efficient.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of employees have switched to home office. Companies, such as České dráhy and Czech Airlines, had to severely cut the number of their workers to survive.

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