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Ukrainian Drone Targets Russian Kurchatov City with Nuclear Power Plant

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A drone strike in the town of Kurchatov within Russia’s Kursk region resulted in damage to a residential dwelling and an administrative building, as revealed by regional governor Roman Starovoit in a Friday update on Telegram. Notably, Kurchatov is home to a nuclear power plant, a fact highlighted by Reuters. However, governor Starovoit did not mention any potential harm to the nuclear facility. The drone attack also targeted an area in the Moscow region, as reported by Russian authorities.

Situated approximately seventy kilometers from the Ukrainian border, Kurchatov found itself under scrutiny due to the incident.

“Specialists have been dispatched to the scene to evaluate the extent of the damage, with further details currently under investigation,” stated Governor Starovoit in a morning update.

Initially, the governor reported the presence of two drones but later clarified that only one had been involved. He noted that the drone had damaged the façade of a house, fortunately causing no casualties.

Concurrently, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin took to a social platform to announce that Russian air defenses successfully intercepted a drone approaching the capital. “Preliminary information suggests no casualties or damage,” assured Sobyanin.

Sobyanin specified that the air defense system neutralized the drone’s threat near the town of Lyubertsy in the Moscow region, situated southeast of the city. However, the mayor refrained from disclosing the source responsible for dispatching the drone.

It’s worth noting that similar statements from conflicting parties cannot be immediately verified by independent sources. Ukraine, which has been resisting Russian armed aggression for more than a year and a half, has refrained from commenting on the matter.

Russia’s territory has recently experienced a rising incidence of drone attacks.



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