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Paper documents required to leave province, electronic won’t do

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From Wednesday onward, anyone traveling outside their province of residence needs a paper document justifying the trip for police. 

Since the beginning of the new lockdown’s restrictions on movement, people have been showing police documents on their mobile phones. According to Eva Kropáčová, spokeswoman for the Prague police, this is changing today.

“We’ll accept electronic documents until Wednesday. From then on, people should have everything on paper. The only exception is confirmation from an employer, that can be done electronically.” 

South Bohemian police spokesman Jiří Matzner echoed what Kropáčová said. 

“Today and Tuesday we’ll be more lenient and allow people through if they have the necessary documents in an email on their phone. But from Wednesday onward, we’ll require people to have everything printed out on paper as proof.” 

Ondřej Moravčí, the spokesman for the police department, told Novinky that doing it electronically actually makes more sense, but that it takes too long for police officers to confirm the legitimacy of a document.

Everyone must download and print their documents to have ready for when they get checked by police when trying to leave their province. 

In less than a day, police officers checked over 53,000 vehicles, and in 1527 cases, refused them entry outside of their district. 

Everyone must download the form, fill it out, then print it and have it on hand for when law enforcement checks them on their way out of their district. 

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