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Babiš: the state of emergency will end on April 12

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Prime Minister Andrej Babiš confirmed that the current state of emergency won’t be extended after April 11. The curfew and the ban on movement between districts will be canceled.

“The fact is that the state of emergency (due to end on April 11) is over, we will not extend it, we will go according to the pandemic law,” Babiš explained. 

The ban on traveling between districts was introduced at the beginning of March. It was supposed to limit communication between districts of the Czech Republic. Only people with work confirmations were allowed to cross the borders. Another ban on movement doesn’t allow people to leave an apartment from 9 pm until 5 am. Those measures can’t be prolonged without the state of emergency, as the law defines.

However, it doesn’t mean that the other restrictions will be over. The restaurants, services, clothing stores will continue being closed. The restrictions will last due to the pandemic laws In place.

Originally, the political party ANO wanted to prolong the state of emergency until April 27. The oppositional parties voted for the end of it and the cancelation of the ban on movement. Also, parties are not satisfied with the current Minister of Health Jan Blatný. Babiš didn’t say anything specific on that issue.

The state of emergency has been in place since October 5. This Sunday, 1911 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed, which is 169 cases more than a week ago. However, the number of COVID-19 cases slowly decreases. More than 27000 people died because of the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic last March. 

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