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Fire Erupts Near Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport Amidst Drone Attack Tensions

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A fire erupted in the town of Domodedovo, situated near Moscow and home to a significant international airport. According to reports from the RIA Novosti news agency, citing Russian officials, a blaze broke out at a car repair shop approximately 10 kilometers away from the airport. The connection between this fire and the drones allegedly targeted by the Russian defense ministry remains uncertain, as Russian sources have not clarified.

As per information from the TASS news agency, the Russian Defense Ministry declared that Ukraine had launched a drone attack attempt. Of the 13 drones involved, some were successfully downed while others managed to retain control. These drones were eliminated in regions including Moscow, Kaluga, and the vicinity of Sevastopol, with 11 drones directed towards the latter. Out of these, two were intercepted through shooting, while nine were neutralized using radio-electronic countermeasures.

Around 4:00 a.m. local time, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the downing of two drones. Subsequently, the defense ministry revealed its success in preventing an attempted Kiev attack on targets within the Moscow region. Nonetheless, the connection between the fire incident in Domodedovo and these attacks remains uncertain.

Posts on social media platforms, as reported by Reuters and the Russian-language BBC, mentioned explosions in Domodedovo preceding the outbreak of the fire. Details regarding the fire’s origin have not been disclosed by Russian authorities. The Russian channel Shot on Telegram reported an explosion involving gas tanks. The authorities stated that the fire had been brought under control and had not resulted in any casualties.

Russian officials, in an official statement, indicated that the flames affected an area of 1,000 square meters, encompassing the car repair shop’s location. This establishment is positioned around ten kilometers away from Domodedovo airport, a notable hub within Russia.

In recent developments, Russia, which initiated an invasion of Ukraine in the preceding February, reported having intercepted two Ukrainian drones near Moscow. Russian authorities specified that one drone was eliminated near Domodedovo, while the other was neutralized close to Odintsovo, another area near the Russian capital.


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