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The Hottest Day in Czech Republic. Over 39 °C in Pilsen.

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The temperature in Pilsen-Bolevec will almost certainly exceed 39°C today, while in Central Bohemia it will exceptionally be over 38°C, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) announced on Twitter. A photo posted before 15:30 shows that the thermometer in Bolevec has so far shown 38.6°C. There will be dozens of temperature records for today.

“The Pilsen-Bolevec station will most likely be the warmest with a temperature of over 39°C (but the station is very specific),” the meteorologists wrote. They plan to publish the exact values later. So far, the next highest temperatures have come from central Bohemia, with 37.6°C in Řež near Prague and 37.1°C in Dobřichovice.

These three stations were already tipped by the CZMÚ staff as the warmest this morning, with the maximum estimated at 38.4°C. The influx of hot air into the Czech Republic from the southwest started to intensify in the morning and will peak in the afternoon and evening, they also said.

So far, the estimates do not suggest that the highest absolute temperature in the Czech Republic could be broken today, which dates back to August 20, 2012. It was measured then in the afternoon in Dobrichovice in a series of tropical days and reached 40.4°C.

According to the national forecast of the Czech National Weather Service, temperatures were expected to rise to 35°C today, and in places, it could be two degrees warmer in Bohemia. The night on Sunday could be tropical, with temperatures not dropping below 20°C. Meteorologists expect temperatures of 27 to 31°C on the second day of the weekend, with up to 34°C in the southeast. Showers and thunderstorms may come from the west on Sunday.

Due to the expected tropical temperatures, a high-temperature warning is in effect in the Czech Republic. There is a high risk today in most of Bohemia and the southern part of the South Moravia region, with a low risk in the rest of the country. On Sunday, a similar warning with a low danger level is in force only in four Moravian regions. Due to the hot and dry weather, a high fire danger warning is also in effect for the entire Czech Republic until further notice. Eight regions have banned smoking and lighting fires in risky places such as forests or parks.

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