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Russian Missiles Hit the Residential Building in Lviv

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Early on Tuesday morning, the western Ukrainian city of Lviv faced repeated missile attacks from Russia, causing significant damage. The Lviv regional administration’s leader, Maksym Kozycky, and Mayor Andriy Sadovyy conveyed this information via Telegram. Tragically, residential buildings were struck, resulting in casualties. In a separate attack in the Volyn region’s Lutsk, three individuals lost their lives.

Since the commencement of Russian armed aggression, Lviv has become a haven for hundreds of thousands of internal Ukrainian refugees. Additionally, the city acts as a pivotal transfer point deeper into Europe. Notably, various foreign diplomatic missions, including the Czech Consulate General, operate within Lviv.

Andriy Sadovyy shared on Telegram around 5 a.m. local time that residential buildings were hit, with upper floors ablaze. Evacuation procedures were underway, and all necessary services were mobilized.

Reports from Ukrainian media indicated that the city was alerted to an impending air raid, subsequently experiencing rocket impacts resulting in explosions.

In response, Maksym Kozyckyj issued a cautionary message to Lviv residents, urging them to maintain “information silence” to prevent inadvertently sharing crucial strike details on social media platforms, which might aid the enemy.

According to Mayor Sadovy, anti-missile systems successfully intercepted many rockets, but a portion managed to strike the city.

Further west in the country, the city of Khmelnytskyi also reported explosions, while southeastern Dnipro experienced an attack. An air alert has been activated nationwide, as reported by the Unian news agency. The Ukrainian air force, which includes air defense, emphasized the importance of heeding air raid alert signals and finding shelter in designated areas.

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