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Car Crashes Into a Tree after a Woman Decides to Pleasure the Driver on the Road

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Emergency responders including police officers, firefighters, and ambulance doctors were on the scene, dealing with the aftermath of a peculiar traffic accident that had taken place.

A 48-year-old driver veered his car off the road and collided with a tree due to his lack of attention while driving. It was revealed that his distraction stemmed from a 32-year-old female passenger who had been engaging in intimate activities with him while he was behind the wheel. Both individuals sustained injuries and required hospitalization. Moreover, a rescue helicopter was dispatched to assist the driver.

At approximately 3 a.m., police, firefighters, and paramedics swiftly responded to the location where the car had crashed into a tree.

“The cause of the accident was readily apparent to the police officers. The driver, a 48-year-old man operating a Skoda Superb, had a 32-year-old female passenger who apparently intended to enhance their journey. Unfortunately, their intentions did not culminate in the pleasant experience they had envisioned,” stated Michaela Richterova, the police spokeswoman.

As reported by the police, the female passenger had been engaged in intimate acts with the driver while he was operating the vehicle. This diversion led to his lack of focus on driving, ultimately resulting in the car veering off the road and colliding with a tree.

“The man was airlifted to a hospital in Prague, while his passenger was transported by land,” added the spokeswoman, who also mentioned that traffic police were currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. The incident took place on Sunday, June 11, on a dirt road in the village of Konody.

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