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Two People Fell Off a Cliff in Czechia

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On Sunday afternoon, helicopters were dispatched from Prague to respond to two incidents of individuals falling from cliffs. The first case involved a man falling from a rock near the ruins of Zbořený Kostelec Castle, while the second incident occurred near Svatý Jan pod Skalou. Tragically, on Saturday, a man lost his life after falling into the Velká Amerika quarry.

Upon receiving a report of a man falling from a rock near Zbořený Kostelec Castle, firefighters, police, and rescue workers promptly arrived at the scene on Sunday afternoon. Two helicopters were deployed—one with firefighters and air rescuers, and the other with paramedics.

The firefighters successfully executed the rescue operation using the police helicopter and subsequently transferred the man into the care of the paramedics.

“After receiving treatment for a head injury, the man was airlifted to a hospital in Benešov,” reported Monika Nováková, the spokesperson for the Central Bohemian rescue workers.

Shortly thereafter, another similar incident occurred in the Beroun region, where a man fell from a rock near Svatý Jan pod Skalou. In this case, the firefighters requested a helicopter, but it ultimately proved unnecessary. Instead, a group of climbing firefighters skillfully descended using ropes to bring the man safely down from the rock, handing him over to the care of the rescuers.

“The attending physician suspected the man had suffered a concussion. Following treatment, he was transported to Motol hospital by ground crews,” Nováková added.

On Saturday, another fall occurred in the Velká Amerika quarry in the Beroun region, resulting in the immediate death of a 25-year-old man.

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