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Prymula attended football match despite advocating for harsh restrictions

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Roman Prymula, advisor to the prime minister and former health minister, told the media on Thursday that he favours harsher restrictions to stem the spread of coronavirus, including limiting movement and human contact. About 3 hours later, Prymula attended the football match between Slavia and Leicester City.

Last week, health minister Jan Blatný proposed the idea of relaxing the measures and leaving it up to the people to make their own health decisions. Prymula disagreed with this. 

“We’ve arrived at a crossroads where we have to decide—and there doesn’t seem to be many solutions—if there’s going to be short-term hard restrictions and then a relaxing of those measures, or if we’re going to continue with the current system,” he said

“The situation is very critical now and easing up on restrictions in favour of personal responsibility is risky.”

Later in the day, Prymula was spotted at the football game by Deník Sport. Prymula defended himself saying he followed the necessary health measures and simply needed a holiday. 

“Yes, I was there with a two-hour-old negative test and a respirator at a legal football match where spectators were allowed. Let me note that I didn’t have any holidays this year…” 

According to iRozhlas, current restrictions allow 600 spectators at Slavia’s games, but only sponsors and “friends of the club.” 

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has since ended his political affiliations with Prymula.

“Mr. Prymula is a great expert on epidemics, but he lacks social intelligence. This is not fair for football fans who aren’t allowed to go to the stadium, as well as the people we’re telling to stay home right now.”

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