Czech entrepreneur Karel Komárek is donating 150,000,000 CZK to the communities in Hodonín out of sympathy for the recent tornado damage.

Komárek, who owns KKCG Investment Group, is from Hodonín himself and said he was deeply affected by news of the disaster.

“I am a native of Hodonín and this disaster has struck me deeply. Now we need to act fast. That’s why we immediately set aside the necessary money, which will help solve both the immediate needs as well as the long-term needs for gradually returning to normal life after being paralyzed by this event.”

“If necessary, we are ready to release additional funds.”

News of the disaster has triggered a wave of support from the rest of the country. Novinky reported at noon on Friday that donations were coming in at a rate of 10 million crowns per hour. Donations from private citizens, as well as Komárek’s gift to the community, rival that of the entire Czech government, which has so far announced a plan for sending 420 million crowns, partially in the form of a loan.

Donations to victims of the tornado in Hodonín can be made here.