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Russian General Surovikin Has Been Arrested Due to His Connection to Wagner

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According to The Moscow Times, General Sergei Surovikin has reportedly been arrested following the mutiny led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, as claimed by unnamed sources. It is speculated that the general’s previous association with Wagner may have raised suspicions among the authorities.

Previously, military correspondent Vladimir Romanov had written about the potential arrest of Surovikin and his deputy, Colonel General Yudin. Romanov alleged that the generals were being held at the Lefortovo pre-detention center. Subsequently, this information was circulated by several Russian and Ukrainian Telegram channels.

In a subsequent comment to, Yudin clarified that he was at home on vacation and not under arrest.

The Moscow Times now cites two sources close to the Defense Ministry. The first source confirms Surovikin’s arrest, hinting at a connection to Prigozhin’s mutiny. The second source adds, “There will be news related to Prigozhin. It seems that Surovikin chose to align himself with Prigozhin during the mutiny, and as a result, he has faced consequences.”

Surovikin has been out of contact with his family for the past three days, and his guards are not responding either, according to former Ekho Moskvy chief Venediktov.

As of now, there have been no official statements from the Defense Ministry regarding these developments.

Surovikin currently serves as the deputy commander of the joint group of Russian forces in Ukraine.

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