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Three strikes you’re out! A heavier hand coming for rule breaking benefit recipients in Czechia

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For those living in the USA in the mid-1990’s this may be a bit of a flashback. In 1994 California implemented a “three strikes you’re out law”. This basically means that if one was convicted of three violent crimes, the perpetrator gets life imprisonment as punishment. By 2006, twenty-six states and the federal government had some sort of similar laws passed. Baseball popularity has hit new lows.

Czechia 2019, a rather softer approach has been drafted by the ODS party and voted in; now being considered by a committee. The idea is to instill fear on to the perceived trouble makers. Their benefits may be taken away! There are various options.

Benefits for living and contributions for rental payments could be withheld for three months in the case of someone not keeping the peace at night, theft, and threatening or harming someone’s health. This jumps to half a year’s benefits for folks getting a criminal conviction, and up to a year for perpetrators heading off to the clink.

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