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Health minister: No plan for stricter anti-Covid measures yet

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On Friday, the Ministry of Health will present the updated measures based on the development of the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic. While there is no reason to believe that they will be tightened just yet, Prymula warned that the government will be forced to make the measures stricter in case the public does not follow the current rules. These include, among others, the basic rules of maintaining a social distance, wearing a mask in all public places and practising good hygiene.

“On Friday, no significant new quarantine measures should be expected. However, they can be introduced in a week, if the daily number of new infections does not decrease,” Prymula said, reports.

The current quarantine measures, which Prymula is referring to, include the limit on mass gatherings – no more than 10 people inside, and 20 people outside. This excludes households, judiciary and governmental processes, as well as food facilities – with the rule that a maximum of six people can be sitting at one table. A maximum of 30 people can attend funerals and weddings; a maximum of 500 – theatres and cinemas. The current rules do not affect the functioning of shops, magazines, gyms, swimming pools and kindergartens.

“If 30-40% of the country’s residents do not comply with the current quarantine measures, other, more stringent ones will be introduced. At the moment, I see no reason for that,” Prymula said, reports.

Currently, there are 37,763 active COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic. Out of them, 245 remain in a critical or serious condition. The state of emergency was officially enforced throughout the country on the 5th October and new quarantine measures might follow.

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