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UN report for ČR to improve Roma integration

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Geneva, Switzerland, Nov 6 (CTK) – United Nations (UN) member states recommended in Monday’s periodic report assessing the human rights situation in the Czech Republic that the country improve Roma integration, tackle racism, xenophobia and islamophobia, and continue seeking gender equality.

A number of UN countries commended the Czech Republic for its progress in integrating handicapped children into the educational system and for achieving agreement on the purchase of a pig farm in Lety, south Bohemia, built on a former Roma concentration camp site.

At the same time, the countries recommended that the Czech Republic provide more funds and staff in support of the inclusion in education policy.

Belgium said the Czech Republic still segregates Roma children, and China even said discrimination against the Roma minority is “systematic” in the Czech Republic.

Several countries recommended that the Czech Republic increase its efforts to prevent hate crime and the allegedly growing racism and xenophobia. Some of them said particularly prejudice against asylum seekers and minorities’ members, especially the Roma, had to be fought.

A number of Muslim countries including Turkey, Indonesia and Iran, said the country should fight islamophobia, which they believed was increasing, using public education among other means.

Israel recommended the continuation of the recently ended Czech governmental campaign against hatred through another project.

The country also received recommendations on dealing with gender equality, domestic violence and jammed prisons.

Some countries called on the Czech Republic to compensate Roma women for involuntary sterilisations performed on them during the Communist period.

The assessment report is issued every four and a half years for all 193 UN member states. The situation is assessed by the other states and NGOs.

Martina Stepankova, head of the Czech UN delegation, said the country received 136 recommendations in 2013, of which it has met 129.

The new recommendations are to be officially published on November 10.

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