Prague, May 15 (CTK) – Hundreds of people queued in front of Prague Castle’s Vladislav Hall from early morning on Sunday in order to see the Czech crown jewels on display on the Charles IV anniversary, and the number of visitors reached 2,500 on the first day of the exhibition, the organisers told CTK.

On May 14, 700 years elapsed since the birth of Charles IV (1316-1378), the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor from the Luxembourg dynasty.

The jewels will remain on display for two weeks.

Apart from them, visitors to Prague Castle can also see other new exhibitions highlighting Charles IV’s legacy.

The St Wenceslas crown, the royal sceptre and orb are on display in a glass case that significant architect Josef Gocar designed in 1929.

The case is flanked by two officers from among the Prague Castle guard, and further soldiers and police are present in the hall to ensure the safety of people and the rare exhibits.

After queueing for one to three hours, the visitors underwent security checks at the entrance to the Vladislav hall, the former throne room in Prague Castle’s Royal Palace.

The other exhibitions related to Charles IV include one about the ceremony and history of the coronations of kings of Bohemia, and one highlighting Charles IV’s role in the architectonic development of the Czech Lands.

A Czech-Bavarian exhibition in the Wallenstein Riding School, near Prague Castle, shows a valuable collection of some 250 exhibits from all over the world that represent the culture and arts in the Charles IV period.

Dozens of events marking the Charles IV anniversary in many Czech towns culminated with a commemorative mass in Prague’s St Vitus Cathedral on Saturday, celebrated by Cardinal Dominik Duka and attended by President Milos Zeman and other significant guests from the Czech Republic and abroad.