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Gov’t continues to offer help to those affected by coronavirus

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The government has already passed several measures which are designed to assist and help people cope with the situation surrounding the current lock-down, school and business closures and other related problems.

Parents who can’t go to work to take care of their children up to 13 years of age will get nursing benefits for the entire period of the school closures. Also, people who are self-employed are eligible for a compensation for children between 6 and 13 at CZK 424 a day. The state reckons up to 190,000 people will be eligible and it will cost about CZK 1.6 billion.

The government has agreed to compensate employees of closed businesses, which include restaurants, bars, stores and other deemed non-essential operations. The government will compensate 80% of wages for the employees who are affected. Furthermore, employers of employees who are in mandatory quarantine are eligible for 60% of their wages from the employers, which will be compensated by the state. The government estimates about 100,000 people will be eligible in total and will costs about CZK 1.1 billion.

The time allocated as “seniors shopping” will move to 7:00 to 9:00 after the government was informed by supermarkets that most seniors prefer early morning shopping. Originally the government had allocated the 10:00 to 12:00 time slot for seniors only shopping. No other customers should be allowed in stores and the government asks that citizens respect the rule to protect the more vulnerable.

All hospitals are required to create a separate ward for the Covid-19 patients so they can be isolated from the rest of the patients.

People who are working or often cross the border into neighboring countries will need a stamp to return back to the Czech Republic. They will be given the stamp when leaving in order to better help track who is coming and going into the country.

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