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Zeman at UN: World unable to clamp down on terrorism

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New York, Sept 19 (CTK) – The world has been still unable to intervene resolutely against terrorism, Czech President Milos Zeman told the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, calling for the creation of a strong U.N. office that might clamp down on terrorism by all means, including military force.

Terrorists are hidden in the current migrant wave, Zeman said.

He called for the stabilisation of the countries from which migrants are coming and dismissed support for migration.

Zeman said condolences were sent, solidarity was expressed with victims of terrorist acts, protests and rallies were organised. Unfortunately, countries are still reluctant to fight the terrorist anti-civilisation with full force, he said.

Zeman criticised the United Nations for being unable to define the term terrorism even after 70 years.

He said 38 anti-terrorism organisations and institutions were functioning under the U.N. aegis, but terrorists had not been suppressed yet.

My goodness! he added.

Zeman said he believed the newly created U.N. Counter-Terrorism Office could succeed.

What we need is a single, but strong office fighting terrorism and equipped with everything needed including military force, he added.

Zeman said there was the other side of the coin in the form of migration that was connected with terrorism because Jihadists were hidden inside migrant waves.

The massive migration from Africa and Asia means a brain drain, a weakening of the potential of these countries, he added.

He said the massive migration from Africa and Asia weakened the potential of these regions and all those welcoming migrants in Europe acknowledge this.

The population in the home countries must be stabilised and migration should not be supported, he added.

Zeman ended his ten-minute speech by an optimistic statement that international terrorism would be eventually defeated.

Zeman was the ninth to have spoken in the debate.

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