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Less than a half of Czechs agree with Covid-19 measures

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Forty-six percent of Czechs acknowledge the government measures against the COVID-19 outbreak as the right ones. Tenth of the respondents expressed a negative attitude, especially about the closing of schools, restaurants, cancellation of public events, and wearing masks in public places. While male respondents worry about sports matches, female ones are bothered about school measures.

This National Pandemic Alarm survey was done by the European National Panels on October 16-18. The research was based on the results of the online questionnaire. It involved 1,416 people over the age of 15. 70 percent are afraid that their loved ones might get infected. Half of the respondents are worried about themselves. Almost half of the respondents (48 percent) are uncertain about their income. A quarter is scared to lose their jobs.

More than half of respondents are sure that COVID-19 was created in a laboratory condition. They also believe that next year a vaccine will be presented. However, only 20 percent of respondents agreed that they want to get vaccinated.

Czechs feel the lack of clear information about the regulations. Also, 37 percent think that Roman Prymula, the new Minister of Health, can’t handle his role well.

The panic index rose in the Czech Republic compared to September results. They follow Polish, Hungarian, and Slovaks, and Bulgarians are at the end of the list. Currently, the Czech Republic is on the top of the list with the number of infected per 100 000. Also, it has the highest level of personal experience of COVID-19 raised from 27 to 40 percent in a month.

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