Prague, Oct 21 (CTK) – The Czech General Inspection of Security Forces (GIBS) raided the headquarters of the police unit for uncovering organised crime(UOOZ) on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry confirmed Wednesday.

It said the intervention was not connected with the case of alleged corruption in the police ranks that erupted last week.

According to the unofficial information of the server, the inspectors detained a detective from the UOOZ department for violent crime.

The detective has reportedly been accused of abuse of office, the server wrote.

The Prague City State Attorney’s Office would not provide information about the case whose investigation is underway, the its spokeswoman Stepanka Zenkova told CTK.

The media have recently mentioned the GIBS in connection with the UOOZ’s “Vidkun” operation, within which the UOOZ accused four people from the Olomouc Region of corruption and abuse of office last week.

Many have voiced surprise at the Olomouc case, including suspected corruption in the police ranks, being investigated by the UOOZ instead of the GIBS, whose task is to deal with crime committed police.

The suspects are the Olomouc Region Governor Jiri Rozboril (Social Democrats, CSSD), influential businessman Ivan Kysely, Olomouc regional police deputy head Karel Kadlec and financial crime squad head Radek Petruj.

The accused are probably suspected of having influenced and marred the investigation into selected criminal cases.

The GIBS Olomouc branch, headed by Tomas Ulicny, checked the alleged suspicious ties between Kadlec and Kysely in reaction to an anonymous letter three years ago, but it shelved the case.

According to media, the UOOZ investigators have also shown interest in Ulicny in connection with the Olomouc case.

The GIBS’s task is to search for, uncover and investigate suspected crimes committed by police and customs officers, prison guards and GIBS inspectors themselves.