Brno, July 22 (CTK) – About 400 experts from all over the world attend the international conference on nanotechnologies, including novelties and latest trends in nanosciences, that started in Brno’s exhibition area on Sunday and is running through Friday.

The goal of the ICN+T conference is to show how nanosciences combine the knowledge from other fields and become useful in many areas of life.

One nanometre is one billionth of a metre, and such are the dimensions nanotechnology works with, significantly contributing to the development of fields such as electronic devices, new resistant materials and targeted drug application in healthcare.

“Nanotechnologies represent a very progressive branch of research, with which several institutes deal within the Czech Academy of Sciences (AV CR),” the Academy’s deputy chairman Jan Ridky has written in a press release.

The conference in Brno has been organised by the AV CR’s Institute of Physics together with the Central European Technological Institute (CEITEC) of the Technical University in Brno (VUT).

Advanced nanotechnologies and microtechnologies rank among the main research programmes of CEITEC, which works, for example, on developing smart nano-instruments and new materials and surfaces.

The lecturers at the conference will include experts from the Vienna University of Technology, the IBM company and the Princeton University, as well as Ondrej Krivanek, co-founder of the U.S. Nion company dealing with electron microscopy.

A lecture on antiferromagnetic materials usable in developing ultra-speed computer memory will be given by Tomas Jungwirth, from the AV CR’s Institute of Physics.

Brno was chosen to host the prestigious conference not only due to its strategic location and strong scientific background, but also its links to electron microscopy.

Several microscope producers are seated in Brno. The Tescan and the Thermo Fisher Scientific firms will put their products on display during at the conference.