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Cold weather is arriving in Prague

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The week promises to be warm, however, during the upcoming weekend, those residing in the Czech Republic will experience fall temperatures. The autumn equinox will begin and will bring the first snow to the mountains.

Cold temperatures will start to arrive from Wednesday, stated Dagmar Honsová from Meteopress. Cold winds from the northwest will become stronger on weekends when temperatures will be lowered to 15 degrees.

“Instead of classic Indian summer, we expect the snowflakes in the mountains to arrive,” Honsová added.

Monday, September 21, will be partly cloudy with winds from the southeast. The temperatures will vary between 21 and 25 degrees.

Honsová explained that the astronomical autumn will begin this Tuesday, September 22. “At 3:30 pm when the Sun enters the Libra sign, the autumn equinox will start.” The morning begins with the fog and temperatures between 8 to 12 degrees. The daytime will be partly cloudy and temperatures will rise to 27 degrees. Honsová recalled the last time it was that hot on this day was eleven years ago.

Wednesday will become colder. The daytime will also be partly cloudy or clear. The weather promises to bring rain or even thunderstorms from the west. Night temperatures will be up to 13 degrees, however, the day time will be up to 25 degrees.

Thursday won’t be clear either. The rains and thunderstorms will continue. The nighttime and morning will go up to 15 degrees. The daytime temperature promises up to 25 degrees warmth.

The end of the weekend, as mentioned before, will be much colder. Friday will start with the fast and abrupt change to colder temperatures with a cloudy sky and showers. The nighttime will be up to 14 degrees. The daytime doesn’t promise anything warm: from 15 to 19 degrees.

Get your warm coats out from your closet this Saturday. Mornings will drop to 6 degrees, while daytime will be a maximum of 13 degrees with rain and snow.

The same weather will stay on Sunday. Nighttime will be even colder, from 1 to 5 degrees. Daytime will go up to 13 degrees.

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