Prague, July 24 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman believes that countries with authoritarian regimes have objectively better conditions for long-term projects, such as a high-speed rail between China and Europe, than parliamentary democracies, he said in an interview with Czech Radio Radiozurnal on Monday.

He said in parliamentary democracies, such projects run into the election terms.

“If a project is to last 15 years, politicians think it over whether to support it because only their successor could benefit from it. In authoritarian regimes, where the leaders are in power for ten, 15, sometimes even 20 years, this obstacle does not exist,” Zeman said.

He said “authoritarian regime” is neither a rude word nor a praise, but an objective independent statement.

Zeman said such regimes exist in China, Russia or Central Asia.

“If you travel to these countries and have good relations with politicians, you can influence a number of things,” Zeman said.

He said this is the major reason why he is going to these countries. He is doing so in the interest of the Czech economy, Zeman said.

“This does not mean that i would be pushing the Czech Republic to China or to Russia,” Zeman said.