Prague, Aug 24 (CTK) – People from ten European countries gathered outside the Chinese Embassy in Prague on Wednesday and called on China to stop persecuting members of the Falun Gong movement and especially to release Wang Zhiwen.

Several dozens of people and an orchestra met outside the embassy before a march through the centre of the city that wants to attract attention to the persecutions this afternoon.

The Czech Falun Gong Association says Wang Zhiwen has been in prison since 1999.

More than 3600 Falun Gong supporters have been tortured to death in China and about 100,000 of them are kept in prison.

The Association’s head Veronika Sunova said body organs were taken from the Falun Gong prisoners for commercial transplantations. “There has been more than a million victims since 1999,” Sunova told CTK.

Jana Skovajsova, one of the organisers of the Prague appeal on China, said Falun Gong followers are the most persecuted group of prisoners of conscience in China according to independent investigators.

Falun Gong, rooted in Buddhism and Taoism and promoting physical and spiritual exercises, has won a number of followers since the 1990s when it presented itself in public. The movement has been banned in China.