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Czech Republic breaks record number of confirmed Covid-19 cases

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Friday’s COVID-19 examination results confirmed 506 new cases in the Czech Republic, which is the biggest result since June. 8000 tests were performed as of last Friday, according to the Ministry of Health’s website. The numbers on Saturday and Sunday were low mostly because the laboratories don’t work during the weekends.

The government promises that they have the situation under control. The Ministry of Health explains that most of the patients have mild symptoms or don’t have any, at all. Also, it’s important to pay attention to people with strong symptoms, who need hospitalization.

According to current data, 116 people are hospitalized and 22 of them are in the intensive care section. These numbers were four times higher during the outbreak in March and April. Nobody has died from COVID-19 since this Saturday.

Based on the results from last week, the most infected region was Kolín. They have 43 cases per 100 000 people. The Uherské Hradiště region and the Plzeň-sever district have more than 30 cases per 100 00 citizens.

From September 1st, it will be mandatory to cover your nose and mouth with a mask in every public transportation (metro, trams, buses, trains), in medical and social institutions, postal offices. The mask won’t be required in shops, restaurants, beauty salons, and at the events which have less than 99 participants.

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