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Zeman opens Prague Castle treasures display in Moscow

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Moscow, Nov 23 (CTK special correspondent) – Czech President Milos Zeman opened an exhibition of the treasures from Prague Castle, the seat of kings and presidents, in the State History Museum on Red Square in Moscow on Thursday.

It will offer more than 100 historical items and artifacts mapping the 1000-year development and architectonic changes of Prague Castle.

Among the most valuable exhibits are the 14th-century St Catherine reliquary designed by Petr Parler, one of the architects of St Vitus cathedrals at the Castle, and a candelabrums from the 12th century.

The displayed artifacts come from the St Vitus Treasure administered by the Metropolitan Chapter of St Vitus.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets also attended the opening of the exhibition.

Zeman brought it to Moscow as a response to the successful display of the Kremlin treasures from the Romanov Dynasty, including the crown jewels of Russian Tzar Michael I, held at Prague Castle six years ago under his predecessor Vaclav Klaus.

The costs of the event in Moscow are covered jointly by the Prague Castle Administration and the Moscow museum.

A collection of textiles connected with Saint Ludmila, one of the Czech patron saints, who is worshipped in the Russian Orthodox Church as well, and her reliquary bust from the 14th century will definitely draw high attention.

The organisers originally planned to bring the skull of Saint Ludmila to Moscow as well, but they gave up the idea as the transport of this priceless relic would be extremely complicated along with the organisation of its display as thousands of Russian pilgrims would certainly like to see it.

After the opening of the exhibition in Moscow, Zeman and his delegation flew to Yekaterinburg which is the last stop during his five-day visit to Russia.

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