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Opposition parties: State should provide fully paid vaccination

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Experts from the opposition parties suggest that the vaccination should be voluntary and paid for by the state. ODS, KDU-ČSL, and TOP 09 agree that the state should provide full financial coverage for the vaccination. They add that doctors, teachers, and social groups at risk should be vaccinated first. The team presented this idea yesterday at a press conference to the Chamber of Deputies. The opposition group discusses the thoughts about the anti-epidemic measures weekly.

According to Bohuslav Svoboda, the physician, and vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, the government should make a campaign and explain to citizens the importance of vaccination. Citizens become less interested or have doubts about it. Svoboda explains that vaccination is the only way to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added: “It is necessary to ensure that the network of general practitioners is ready for vaccination and that it is possible to register with a general practitioner so that we know what numbers of vaccinations will be required.”

The Czech Republic has already ordered vaccines against COVID-19 from three different companies for 5.5 million habitants, which cost 1.8 billion Czech crowns for the state.

MP Marek Výborný (KDU-ČSL) added that the Ministry of Health should consider the widespread voluntary antigenic testing, for example, among teachers. He added that the PES system should be changed because only 20 percent of classes in school can be homogenous.

This Friday, Minister of Health Jan Blatný will present the new testing strategy at the Government Council for Health Risks. Also, the new dilemma will be discussed whether to include teachers and others in the risk groups or organize testing and decide the risk groups after.

Dominik Feri from TOP 09 supports the accusations of his party towards the PES system. He believes that the lowest levels in the table shouldn’t require a state of emergency. He wants to present this to Blatný because these measures are not necessary.

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