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Czech News in English » News » National » Cabinet approves measures taken in case of threat

Cabinet approves measures taken in case of threat

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Prague, July 27 (CTK) – The Czech government approved on Wednesday the deployment of customs officers and the prison service to reinforce the police in addition to soldiers if the third threat degree is declared.

Other parts of the integrated rescue system and health care facilities can also be put on alert.

The government introduced in January a four-degree warning system in reaction to last year’s terrorist attacks in France.

Now, the Interior Ministry submitted to the government instructions on the measures to be taken if individual degrees are declared.

The first threat degree is now in force in the Czech Republic, which means that there exists a threat to the general public, but no specific threat to the state is known.

The first degree has been effective since March 22 when the government approved it in reaction to the terrorist attacks at the Brussels airport and metro.

Now, more police patrol the streets. They mainly focus on railway stations, airports and other places with a big concentration of people.

Heightened attention may also be paid to nuclear powers plants, gas tanks, important offices and national heritage sights as well as schools, hospitals, tourism localities and religious targets if the first degree is force.

The protection of leading state representatives and foreign ambassadors may be reinforced and passengers on certain EU flights may be randomly checked.

These measures can be extended if the second and third degrees are declared. Police may move around streets wearing bulletproof vests, border checks may be introduced, and transport and movement of people in certain public places may be restricted.

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