First Czech university to offer studies of drones

Plzen, West Bohemia, Jan 28 (CTK) – The West Bohemian University (ZCU) in Plzen is the first in the country to offer a study programme focusing on drones or unmanned aircraft as from the next academic year, Martin Zrzavecky, the mayor of Plzen, which initiated the project, has told CTK.

The town of Plzen, which plans to use drones extensively and which supports this type of technology, is going to open the Dronet centre for drone development and production, Zrzavecky said.

The new study programme will acquaint students with the relevant technologies, drone design, construction and operation methods, ways to use drones as well as the related legislation and aviation practice.

“This is the first programme of its kind in the Czech Republic, unavailable elsewhere. I believe it will raise the prestige of the ZCU’s technical faculties and further extend the opportunities for technical education that enjoys our maximum support,” Zrzavecky said.

Plzen, the Czech Republic’s fourth largest town, started massively supporting drones some time ago. It is the only Czech town to have acquired a permit for aviation works and to own and operate drones for various purposes, such as helping police and firefighters or monitoring municipal property.