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Talkback: Voice your opinion on today’s Czech news

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Table of Contents

Welcome to Talkback, a forum to voice you opinion on today’s Czech news.

This week’s topic:Which event of the year 2008 do you think typifies Czech society?

Are you familiar with the events that happened in the Czech Republic in 2008? Have you been reading the Prague Daily Monitor? What events did you find the most interesting, surprising, disappointing?

Was it the Czechs’ reluctance to sign the Lisbon Treaty? Was it the long-lasting dispute over Kaplický’s library project, which was rejected in the end? Was it the discussion regarding accusations that Czech-born author Milan Kundera allegedly reported a western intelligence agent to communist authorities in the 1950s?

What about the extremists attacks against Roma and other ethnic minorities? Is racism and discrimination still a problem in the Czech Republic? And what do you say about the ČSSD’s victory in the regional elections based on their campaign aiming to abolish the medical fees?

  • Which event of the year 2008 do you think typifies Czech society?

    Email us at: [email protected].

    Regarding last week’s Talback reader Douglas Brough wrote: “At this time of giving and receiving, when the basic Christmas message of compassion, tolerance and unity has been over-run by the commercialization of Christmas and the financial crisis bears many down to the point that they can’t afford to keep up with the commercial expectations of this time of year, perhaps the gift of friendship remains one of the most cherished gifts of all. Therefore at this time of gifts and celebration I offer you all my friendship in wishing you a very happy Christmas and compassionate new year.”

    Happy New Year 2009 from the Prague Daily Monitor

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