Prosecco Fest is coming to an end, bringing us the latest memories of joy. This weekend (24-25.09.2021), Prosecco | Giro del Festival will be held in the Žižkov Beer Garden.  This is your last chance to sip the bubbly drink if you haven’t done it so far. Besides, the weather forecast seems promising, so why not enjoy the vibe?  Dates  As mentioned before, the Prosecco Fest will be this Friday (24.09) and Saturday (25.09). On Friday, the event will start at 15.00 and last till 22.00. Swing by after a hard working day with your colleagues!  On Saturday, the event will start a little bit earlier-at 12.00, and it will go on until 22.00. A great time for brunch withContinue Reading

Do you love coffee as much as we do? If so, you are at the right place, and we have fantastic news for you! This Sunday, September 19, the Street Coffee Festival will take place in the Karlínské náměstí, an emerging area of Prague.  What should you expect? Let’s learn together.  Quick overview The event is dedicated to true coffee-lovers & baristas. On Sunday, the smell of coffee will fill Karlínské náměstí, and bring the joy of life to everyone!  There, you can find the best roasters and cafés, enjoy coffee rituals, alternative and classic coffee preparation, and there will also be the much-loved Cold Brew. As always, you can also look forward to a great food offer that will satisfy evenContinue Reading

The Ice cream festival is one of the gems of Prague life & its culture! Usually, it takes place in the last week of August, symbolizing the last weekend of hot summer and the beginning of the beautiful and colorful autumn season. Discover the chilliest fest this week with us! Czech this out As you might guess from the name, the Ice Cream festival is devoted to people who love this chilly refreshment on a hot summer day. Interestingly, the fest has been in operation since 2015, and, so far, it is the largest festival of its kind in Central Europe!  We are so proud of the organizers and their success over the past six years: plenty of healthy andContinue Reading

The summer is coming to an end, and we want to remember every sunny and fruitful moment with us during this magnificent time. Our weekend tip is to swing by the seafood and prosecco fest to indulge in the taste of the last sunny days! Let’s discover what the event organizers have prepared for us at Grébovka.  All-day picnic The idea of the festival is truly magnificent for those who love brunches, seafood, and picnics with plenty of aperitifs and freshly cooked food! All of this will be available at the seafood and prosecco fest this Sunday.  Save the date and discover the event’s Facebook page to be updated with meticulous details of the location in the park. Remember toContinue Reading

We share the love for wine, so do the organizers of the refreshing event Víno na Střel(eč)áku. There, you can indulge in the taste of the best local wines, especially from South Moravia, the most delicious and marvelous region for wines in the Czech Republic. Dive into the details of the festival and discover what you can expect from the event!  Overview of Víno na Střel(eč)áku  The festival will take place on the 13th & 14th of August, so it is a perfect time for workers and people who want to start the weekend with a pleasant experience. According to the organizers, Víno na Střel(eč)áku is a magnificent way to celebrate summer, health, and well-being.  To attend the event, you have to have a negative PCR or antigen test,Continue Reading

In the range of live music events happening around Prague, the rooftop festival falls deeply into our hearts. It is a place where you can relax, have a drink with friends, and have a wonderful end to a busy and crazy week. Discover what we found out about the event and how you can chill out there!  Concept  Máj 4th floor is an event and cultural space in the very center of Prague, in a building that is representative of the architecture of the 1970s. The entire building is due for a major renovation in 2022 and will breathe new life into it in the meantime. This weekend the rooftop will be used for the festival. On other dates, youContinue Reading

Are you tired of the chaotic and busy city life? We got a solution for you: visit the raw food festival, which enlightens the notion of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Enjoy the festival of raw food, inspiring lectures, and workshops. Live (raw) food concept The idea of the festival is marvelous: various restaurants, both vegetarian and vegan, present their best dishes to the community. By doing this, people can find their soulmates, get together, and have a marvelous time. On top of that, some cafés will hold lectures on specific topics, which would benefit all of the guests in one way or another!  Let’s discover what venues have to offer this year. The entire program is here! Get lost inContinue Reading

As the heat approaches Prague during the weekend, everyone wants to escape the city and have a relaxed weekend. We found an outstanding solution to how to vanish from the heat and enjoy life again-swing by Podolské letní slavnosti, a festival for drinks and street food. Chilling cocktails and delicious burgers are waiting for you!  Podolské letní slavnosti: overview of the program  Since the fest is taking place for three days (from Friday to Sunday), the organizers prepared a colorful program which you can enjoy with a glass of prosecco, for example. On Friday, the grand opening will be at 15.00. After that, you can listen to pop, jazz, soft rock, soul, and R & B sounds from Elton & Friends.Continue Reading

Do you like the French market that consists of great culture, food, and spirit as much as we do? Then, you are on the right page! Try the best delicates and unique dishes of French cuisine without leaving the metropolis. Enjoy the adventure of gastronomy & degustation!  French Market: the concept Kampa’s French market is held annually in the spirit of a friendly, greedy, joyful, relaxing, colorful, shady, and multilingual environment. Every summer for the past 14 years, the market has set up stands, tables, chairs, platforms, parasols, and deck chairs… and it is likely Prague’s oldest food festival.  The event will take place for six days, as usual, between July 13 and July 18, 2021. See you there forContinue Reading