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Černochová: Czechs Are Not in Danger Now Because of Events in Russia

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The current situation in Russia does not pose an immediate threat to Czech citizens, and the Czech Republic is closely monitoring the developments. After her meeting with Chief of the General Staff Karel Řehka and Military Intelligence Chief Jan Beroun, Czech Minister of Defence Jana Černochová (ODS) provided an update to ČTK.

In recent hours, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been dealing with a revolt led by Wagner mercenaries. Yevgeny Prigozhin, their leader, has intensified his longstanding dispute with the Russian Defense Ministry. On Friday, he called for the removal of the military command in Moscow. The Wagnerites are currently active in Rostov-on-Don in southwest Russia, and Prigozhin is discussing a campaign in the Russian capital. Meanwhile, Putin indirectly labeled him a traitor and vowed to quash the uprising.

Minister Černochová addressed the ongoing events during her afternoon meeting with Řehka and Beroun. She stated, “We are closely monitoring the situation and evaluating its potential impact on the Czech Republic.” She reassured that there is no immediate danger to Czech citizens. Černochová further commented, “The situation demonstrates that the regime in Russia is not as strong and stable as President Putin’s propaganda claims. It is reminiscent of Russian tanks heading towards Moscow once again after 30 years.”

In August 1991, a small group of conservative communists attempted a coup in the former Soviet Union to halt President Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms and prevent the collapse of the Soviet empire. Two years later, in October 1993, over a thousand soldiers launched an attack on the Russian parliament building, which was occupied by opponents of President Boris Yeltsin, using tanks to fire upon it.

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