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Orban: Return of Crimea is Unrealistic

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán dismissed the notion of Ukraine having any chance of prevailing in a conflict with Russia, deeming such views foolish. During an interview with former US Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Orbán outlined his perspective that a peace settlement should incorporate the recognition of Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation, and that Ukraine should not be affiliated with NATO.

Orbán contended that the return of Crimea to Ukraine is an entirely unrealistic proposition. He asserted that a Ukrainian victory is unattainable, underscoring the tragic loss of Ukrainian lives and the dwindling number of soldiers available, which he believed would ultimately determine the outcome on the battlefield. Orbán posited that the Russian forces’ numerical superiority positions them as a much stronger force.

He criticized the strategy endorsed by the US and the European Union, describing it as misguided. Orbán opined that the United States fails to comprehend Russia’s primary objective, which he identified as the preservation of state unity—a task he noted is challenging given the vast expanse of the Russian state. Orbán further noted that the removal of Putin by his own countrymen is unlikely and characterized the prospect as a jest.

Orbán reiterated his plea for prompt peace, urging Americans to “Bring back Trump,” whom he credited with possessing the most effective foreign policy in decades. He credited Trump with skillfully managing international relations concerning North Korea, Russia, and China, and speculated that under Trump’s leadership, Russia would not have initiated an attack on Ukraine.

Orbán maintained that the crux of achieving peace lies with the United States. He asserted that if the US desires peace, it could bring about that reality almost immediately. He emphasized that without financial support and weaponry from Western nations, the conflict would come to a conclusion.


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