Thursday, 16 August 2018
National | Radio Prague

Czech senators have supported EU proposal to ban single-use plastic products, such as straws and cotton swabs, which can be replaced by financially affordable products made from other materials. After a long debate, senators have also approved lowering consumption of single use plastic cups and food containers.

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The area around Václav Havel Airport Prague should get quieter. In view of the current increase in air traffic in the Czech Republic and in Europe, Prague Airport, the company that operates the airport, will introduce more preventive measures to maintain a low level of night noise in the Prague districts and municipalities in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

Prague | Prague Morning

The air pollution in Prague is so bad that visiting the city for a long weekend means you have as good as smoked four cigarettes and those living in the city smoke the equivalent of 365 a year, a new study reveals. According to the environmental group Transport & Environment, breathing the air on a four-day visit to Prague is equivalent to inhaling the smoke of four cigarettes.

Czech Republic and the EU | Radio Prague

A Czech truck driver who survived the disastrous collapse of a bridge in Italy’s Genoa will remain in hospital for five to seven days. The 46-year-old man, who works for the Prague-based haulage company SPED-IT, has a broken nose, several broken ribs and bruised lungs, but is otherwise in a good condition.

National | Radio Prague

Members of the Czech Air Force, the British Royal Air Force, Second World War veterans, church and cultural dignitaries attended celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Air Force at the Winged Lion Memorial in Prague’s Klárov park on Tuesday.

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Fifty years after Moscow ended the Prague Spring by force, the world continues to benefit from the lesson of truth-telling that was spawned by that historic event. Dubček was deposed by the Kremlin and communist rule was reinstated in Czechoslovakia. But the Soviet claim to historical supremacy was never the same. A bubble was popped.

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Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Czech Republic has joined forces with artist Toy_Box to launch a new exhibition on Prague’s Artwall Gallery.

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An endangered Silvery Gibbon was introduced to the public at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic Tuesday. The Silvery Gibbon is one of the world's rarest primates and native to the island of Java in Indonesia, with less than 4,000 of the species living in the wild. The new arrival is the second of its species to be born in captivity, following its 3-year-old brother being the first.

News | Radio Prague

A Czech truck driver survived a disaster in Italy’s Genoa on Tuesday when a long section of the city’s Morandi motorway bridge collapsed, Czech Television reported. At least 30 people were killed when the bridge collapsed, with some vehicles falling up to 90 metres to the ground below. More details regarding how the driver survived or his state of health have not been released.

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The Czech Air Force’s marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Air Force with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Winged Lion Memorial on Prague’s Klarov park. The celebration is one of many tied to the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia in 1918. The event also honored the 2,507 Czechoslovak men and women who served in the British Royal Air Force during World War II.

Politics | Radio Prague

The Czech prime minister, Andrej Babis, says he will offer Italy and Malta unmanned aircraft to help guard their borders and combat illegal migration when he visits the two states in a fortnight’s time. Mr. Babis made the comment on Tuesday after visiting a Czech company that develops such aircraft.

News | Prague Morning

Istanbul-based studio Superspace has proposed a design for Vítězné náměstí (Prague 6) that transforms the zone into a space flourishing with nature and social activities. The simple but effective solution inverts traffic and pedestrian access to create a green urban center, where markets, art festivals and even wintertime ice-skating can take place.

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Sergeant Martin Marcin, one of the three soldiers killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan on August 5, was buried on Tuesday. A flyover of Czech Army planes took place ahead of the funeral service, which was held in Sergeant Marcin’s hometown of Chomutov.

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The tradition of Praga international stamps exhibitions dates all the way back to the year 1938. The exhibition was last held in the Czech capital in 2008 and attracted over 40,000 people. Organizers are expecting around the same number of visitors to come this year.

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Meteorologists have called off fire warnings imposed on most of the Czech Republic for a period of several weeks, Czech Television reported. The move followed heavy rainfall in recent days.