Sunday, 29 March 2020
National | Radio Prague

The national flag of the Czech Republic, which is the same as the flag of former Czechoslovakia, will celebrate its centenary on March 30th. The country's leading vexillologist Aleš Brožek talks about how the flag was selected, why Czechs only bring it out in turbulent times and how to prevent hoisting it the wrong way round.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

The Liberec Technical University has created a replaceable filter which can be used in the homemade masks people are sewing. The masks are worn to comply with laws designed in preventing the spread of Covid-19. The Nano-material is 70-90% effective in stopping the coronavirus cells. The university with the help from the Liberec region and the private sector is now producing 100,000 filters a day. The price per one should not exceed CZK 10.

National | UniMedia

The development of the coronavirus vaccine is being carried out by scientists in Germany, Australia, Israel and other countries. In the United States, the first vaccine tests have already begun. Research institutes in the Czech Republic – including Charles University – are not lagging behind in the global fight against coronavirus, either.

National | Big Think

Europe's drug capitals? Antwerp for cocaine use, Stockholm for amphetamines. Prague tops the list for crystal meth, Amsterdam for ecstasy. So says a study by the EU's official drug monitory body, analysing sewage samples from 68 cities in 23 European countries.

National | Transitions Online

Czech schools share how they deal with the problem of bullying. In addiction to creating a positive safety atmosphere and to monitor signals that something is happening in a class, it is crucial to understand that schools need to work with the aggressors too, it's not enough simply to punish them.

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Just weeks ago, the city of Prague, like numerous other European capitals, was grappling with the challenge of overtourism. Suddenly some of Prague's most crowded quarters have the look of abandoned film sets.

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There is no exception for smoking to the rule for wearing a mask covering the mouth and nose anywhere outside the home in the Czech Republic. People smoking without a mask in place face a fine of up to CZK 10,000, and in exceptional cases CZK 20,000.

National | Brno Daily

The government has extended the current measures against the spread of coronavirus. The new rules were announced by the Ministry of Health yesterday. From now, no more than two people can congregate in public places at the same time, with the exception of members of the same household, essential work reasons, or funerals. The new measure will be applied until April 1, 6am. As of Wednesday evening, there were 1,654 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic.

Prague |

All public transit vehicles are getting an antiviral and antibacterial nanotechnology polymer coating, and finished vehicles are marked with stickers. The coatings should last two years.

National | Washington Examiner

Some 80% of coronavirus rapid tests China donated to the Czech Republic as part of the communist country's global goodwill effort are faulty, according to news reports. A medical official from the Moravian-Silesian region that borders Slovakia and Poland said the test "error rate was quite high."

Prague |

The lack of face masks has sparked an extraordinary wave of solidarity, with people sew them at home and offer them to their fellow residents. However, face masks need to be sterilized and effectively distributed.

National | Czech Development Agency

While as late as 1990 the WHO reported 116 deaths for every 1,000 births in Cambodia, the situation has now improved fourfold. This is credited to a Czech Development Agency project through which health care equipment and neonatal tools, including incubators, were provided to the Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh.

National | Radio Prague

The Ministry of Health has developed a special information system that delivers complex up-to-date data on the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic and provides prognosis models on possible development. The system monitors the number of infected, their current state and needs regarding medical care, the capacities of hospitals, as well as people tested and quarantined, updated by the minute which should enable faster and coordinated decision making in view of saving lives.

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While everyone is keeping an eye on some of the more critical numbers surrounding the coronavirus outbreak in the Czech lands, numerous other statistics have emerged that shed light on how the situation is affecting society at large, from how we in the Czech Republic are spending our time in home quarantine to how we're spending our money.

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Prague City Hall approved funds for the renovation of Prague's Malostranské náměstí and will look for a contractor for construction work. The project has had a building permit since last year. Preparations are in their final stages and work should start this year. The project will create jobs in a time of crisis.