Sunday, 29 March 2015
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A US military convoy arriving in the Czech Republic this weekend will encounter both warm welcomes and disdain as rival activists seek to show their opposing views regarding Moscow's incursions into eastern Ukraine. Pavel Safr, a leading activist behind plans to greet some 500 US soldiers with friendly signs, is concerned that anti-convoy demonstrators will send the wrong message. "I'm acutely troubled by that my country could look like it's siding with Russia," Mr. Safr said.

National | ČTK

Up to half a million Czechs suffer from serious psychiatric problems and one third of the country's population of 10.5 million has been treated with a mental disease at least once in their lives.

National | ČTK

The legal awareness of the Czech public substantially increased over the past 15 years as people know their rights more than before and many of them are not afraid to fight for them, ombudsman Anna Šabatová told ČTK.

National | ČTK

More than 5% of inhabitants of Prague are people of other than Czech nationality and that is why the city will have a council for national minorities, the city assembly decided in compliance with the law on Thursday.

Czech Republic and the EU | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic joined Schengen eight years ago and, in addition to the enormous benefits membership brought, the authorities are increasingly dealing with the downside: illegal migrants and drug trafficking.

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The National Institute of Mental Health (NUDZ), a centre of psychiatric treatment that officially launched its operation in Klecany, will perhaps have to return a subsidy of up to one billion crowns, NUDZ director Cyril Hoeschl said at the opening of the centre Thursday.

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Soldiers from the U.S. military convoy that will pass through the Czech Republic on March 29-April 1 will be welcomed by two concerts, Harley Davidson bikers and fans of military history clubs in American army historical vehicles, the organisers told reporters Thursday.

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One of the "most successful" Czech opponents of the upcoming transit by a U.S. military convoy is Petr Zampach, an 18-year-old student who admires Russian culture and presents himself as Piotr Zhampakhov, written in his beloved Cyrillic alphabet, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) says Thursday.

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The Lesy ČR state forest company will start cleaning 500 hectares of the Boří Forest in the Břeclav vicinity of dangerous WWII ammunition this year, PM Bohuslav Sobotka told reporters during his visit to the South Moravia Region.

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Marine Le Pen, head of France's National Front, will attend the Prague conference European Peace and Prosperity for the EU on April 23, her adviser Ludovic de Danne told journalists in Prague Thursday.

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Tomas Prouza, Czech state secretary for EU affairs and a close ally of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, has silently joined Sobotka's Social Democratic Party (CSSD), daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes Thursday and adds that Sobotka possibly plans to promote Prouza to a higher post.

Prague | Radio Prague

The Culture Ministry has confirmed that the district of Prague 1 faces a 150,000 crown fine for the installation last year, at Klárov Park, of a bronze winged lion – a memorial to Czechoslovak airmen who fought with the RAF in World War II.

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Fourteen European states, including the Czech Republic, Wednesday signed the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs, the first international treaty aimed at preventing and combating trafficking in human organs.

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Three former police officers are being investigated in connection with the robbery of CZK 77 million at Slavkov near Brno in 2006.

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A fresh photo from a camera trap is the first piece of evidence that proves the presence of a wild wolf in the Šumava mountains, the ALKA Wildlife group wrote on Facebook.