Sunday, 20 April 2014
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This winter, Chinese medicine will be available at a Czech hospital for the first time, and the hospital director says nearly 300 people are already on a waiting list to try it. While in the United States and parts of Europe the co-existence of Western and Eastern health systems is not unusual, in the Czech Republic it remains a novelty, with strong backers and vocal critics. An official with the Czech Medical Chamber calls it "a Pandora's box" that could create a field day for charlatans.

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Through the social enterprise Pragulic people can sign up for tours led by homeless people who are trained to give these tours, and part of the proceeds from the tour goes directly to the tour guide.

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Russia should reduce its military presence along the border with Ukraine and thereby ease the situation, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said after meeting French President Francois Hollande in Paris Thursday.

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NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe has approached Czech military over alliance's plan to boost military presence in eastern Europe in response to Ukraine crisis.

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Prague hospitals operated by the Health Ministry will, in several weeks, be required to accept patients whom rescuers drive to them as emergency cases.

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A recent incident at a home for children with behavioral problems has sparked a debate on the criminal liability of minors with the education minister proposing tougher punishment for juvenile perpetrators of violent crimes.

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The Czech Republic can provide four Gripen fighter jets and 300 troops for reinforced protection of NATO member countries because of the Ukrainian crisis, Defence Minister Martin Stropnický said Thursday.

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Four dozen people protested against the Russian invasion of Crimea and its activities in eastern Ukraine outside Russia's Embassy in Prague Thursday.

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The Czech Republic will simplify the issuance of short-term visas for selected groups of Ukrainians as of next week, lifting the visa fee for the applicants with Czech ethnicity, young people under 26 and pensioners over 60, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Johana Grohova told CTK Thursday.

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Ninety-nine firearms, including a machine gun and several assault rifles, have been found in the house of a restaurant owner near Strakonice and the man has been accused of illegal arms possession.

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The Czech Republic is facing proceedings at the EU’s Court of Justice over restricting the political rights of EU nationals residing in the country. This goes against EU law, and although lawmakers had years to adapt Czech legislation, efforts to end the discrimination have only recently got underway.

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Czech President Milos Zeman agrees with the planned cutting of the value-added tax on medicines, diapers and baby food, but he believes it would be better to support libraries than to reduce VAT on books, he said at the close of his visit to the Hradec Kralove Region Thursday.

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Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) are among the laziest members of the European Parliament, according to a study compiled by Open Society Fund Praha, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes Thursday.

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The Czech media sector has often won international praise in the past for its freedom and independence. But some in the country are questioning whether that is still the case following the acquisitions by billionaire businessman, ANO leader, and current minister of finance, Andrej Babiš. The biggest centre-right opposition party in parliament, TOP 09, is seeking to make media ownership an issue in the upcoming European elections.

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Duspiva's eggs, pre-blown and decorated with a wax-resist or "batik" and a variety of tools at a studio in upstate New York, are among the more popular works of art sold in Union Square.