Monday, 20 May 2019
Politics | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic's embattled minister of culture, Antonín Staněk, is stepping down. Mr. Staněk had come under mounting pressure following divisive high-profile sackings and damning performances in the media. He is the seventh cabinet member to depart the governing coalition since its appointment less than 11 months ago.

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The Czech Centres in London and New York are getting new directors this spring, with Přemysl Pela assuming control in the UK capital and Miroslav Konvalina taking the helm in the Big Apple. Radio Prague spoke to both before their departure for the key branches of the Czech Republic's cultural diplomacy network in the English-speaking world.

Prague | Real Estate | Radio Prague

A new residential and office quarter is set to go up in the Prague 10 district that will contain up to 650 apartments and become the home of one of the country's top orchestras, reported.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Tomáš Petříček has condemned a recent visit of Member of Parliament from the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia Zdeněk Ondráček to Russia-occupied Donbas.

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The latest Rainbow Map, a comprehensive evaluation of 49 European countries according to their attitude towards sexual minorities ranks the Czech Republic in 31st place – closer to countries where members of the LGBTI community face systemic discrimination or routinely see their human rights violated.

Czech Republic and the EU | Radio Prague

A recent study conducted by the polling agency MEDIAN for the think-tank Moje Evropa revealed a more complex division of Czech voters than the often posited pro-EU vs anti-EU divide. According to some experts, who looked at the results, Czechs are not as Eurosceptic as many perceive them to be, but they often trust too much in myths.

Prague | Prague TV

The annual celebration of St. Jan Nepomuk is growing in popularity every year. The Roman Catholic saint, known in Czech as svatý Jan Nepomucký, is the focus of the Navalis celebration at Charles Bridge on May 15, the eve of the saint's feast day in the religious calendar.

National | News24/AFP

A Czech teacher survived more than 34 years with a heart transplant, making him one of the longest living transplant patients, Czech media and a hospital said on Tuesday.

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An increasing number of Czech couples who cannot have a child of their own are seeking the help of surrogate mothers. However, there is currently no legislation in the Czech Republic recognising surrogacy. Experts are warning that the arrangements surrounding this controversial method of assisted reproduction are void and unenforceable.

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A key witness in a case that resulted in prison terms for two Russian soccer players who assaulted a government official in Moscow has sustained "serious injuries" after falling from a fourth-story balcony at a Czech resort, Russian and Czech authorities say.

National | Reuters

Thousands protested in the Czech capital Prague for a third week running on Monday against a new justice minister who they fear could meddle in a criminal case against the prime minister. "We are demonstrating against (the fact) that a woman with such a history as her own becomes justice minister a day after the police proposed the prime minister be indicted," a protest organizer, Mikulas Minar, said on Monday on a Czech Radio debate show.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

Czech Television reported that Jan Munk, the Chairman of the Prague Jewish Community, passed away on Sunday, after a long illness. He was 72 years old. Previously, Munk served as the Director of the Terezín Memorial and was instrumental in reshaping the content of the memorial's permanent exhibitions and displays. Munk was a larger-than-life figure, in the Jewish community in Prague and played a key role in keeping the community together.

National | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic boasts one of the densest and best maintained systems of hiking routes in Europe. The very first tourist path opened 130 years ago, on May 11, 1889.

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Wondering what a 10 billion Euro investment can do for a village? Dolní Břežany was lucky enough to find out. It now houses an EU research facility containing some of the world's most powerful lasers.

Czech Republic and the EU | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Prime Minister Andrej Babis told Czech Television in an interview that his government would ask for a new role for its nominee, in the incoming European Commission. The new commission will take shape after the EU Parliamentary elections, later this month.