Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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The Social Democrats set a final condition for staying in the government, prolonging a political crisis that has brought the ruling coalition to the brink of collapse. The party said Monday it will leave the minority cabinet unless President Milos Zeman appoints their nominee for culture minister. A potential coalition breakup would be a blow for PM Andrej Babis. But the departure of his junior partner wouldn't automatically trigger early elections.

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Preparatory work for the reconstruction of Břeclav Castle has unearthed a rare archaeological find –the remains of a medieval wall from the beginning of the 11th century.

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The edge of the moon will darken and turn a dusty shade of red on the night of July 16, when a partial lunar eclipse occurs. It is the last eclipse of any kind of the year that will be visible from Prague.

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Czech Social Democrats will decide on Monday whether to leave the minority government led by Prime Minister Andrej Babis due to a long-running spat over replacing one of their ministers, party chief Jan Hamacek said on Friday.

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The city has been underestimating the number of people in Prague, and this has a big impact on future urban planning. While the Czech Statistical Office puts the figure at 1.3 million, the real figure of people in the city on a daily basis is almost half a million people higher.

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Hundreds of people from home and abroad queued in steady rain in central Prague Sunday to buy a "Zero Euro" souvenir banknote depicting Czech pop singer Karel Gott in honour of his 80th birthday.

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Czech leaders failed Thursday to resolve a dispute over a Cabinet minister that could cause the government to fall. Prime Minister Andrej Babis asked President Milos Zeman to replace his culture minister in May at the request of a partner party in his minority coalition government. Babis said after a meeting on Thursday the president remained unready to act.

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In the Czech Republic, as in many other countries, veterinarians have long faced the same problem: a shortage of dog blood, necessary in case of urgent transfusions. To address the issue, a group of volunteers founded Red Paw (Červená tlapka), the country's first such registry. Since its May launch, they have already registered more than 400 potential dog donors.

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Statistics show that the number of collisions with animals on Czech roads has increased markedly in recent years. The main reasons include high numbers of deer and current agriculture policy, but potentially also the impact of drought.

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Prague is looking to better integrate the future development of the metro system with train lines, and this will make it easier to develop new residential areas. In the past trains and trams were competitors, but in the future they will been to complement each other.

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The survey conducted at the end of 2018 by Brno Expat Centre shows insight about the foreign residents of the city of Brno. The city seems to attract young professionals, with half of the respondents being between the ages of 26 to 35 years old, and 90% of them having university degrees.

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The Czech Philharmonic has this week announced that Concertmaster Josef Špaček will step down from the role – effective from the end of the 2019-2020 season. Josef, who was appointed to the Concertmaster position in 2011, aged just 24, has indicated he will leave the ensemble to focus on his solo career.

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Seven people, including two Czechs, have been killed in a violent storm that swept across a region of northern Greece on Wednesday night. Gale-force winds, heavy rain and hailstorms lashed Halkidiki, near the city of Thessaloniki.

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For the first time in history, Prague is hosting the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, an annual conference focused on environmental conservation, the impact of tourism and research cooperation on the White Continent.

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Swedish statistician Ola Rosling is co-founder of Gapminder, a foundation that aims to chart trends and use data to fight what it calls "devastating ignorance" using "fact-based worldviews everyone can understand." He recently visited the Czech Republic to share his vision with local politicians and decision-makers.