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Czech News in English » Business » JLL appoints Steffen Walvius as Head of Sustainability Services and ESG

JLL appoints Steffen Walvius as Head of Sustainability Services and ESG

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PRAGUE, 15th June 2021 – International real estate consultancy company JLL today announced the appointment of Steffen Walvius as Head of Sustainability Services and ESG, effective 14th June, 2021. In his new role at JLL, Steffen Walvius will help the clients with building on their own sustainability performance. JLL as one of the world’s most ethical companies will thus offer this service as the first provider on the Czech market. With this important step in our strategy we want to confirm our commitment to sustainability, emphasize its importance in this sector and help to shape the future of real estate for a better world.

Building sustainability and the real estate ESG landscape is evolving very quickly and the real estate sector will go through a lot of changes in order to meet EU climate ambitions. Companies will face a lot of challenges as sustainability initiatives and regulations target the entire supply chain of a company. Both landlords and tenants are affected and need to act. The heaviness of new regulations and market initiatives can be very intimidating to them and we see a mass demand for this type of services.

JLL will newly help the clients with:

  • Corporate ESG advisory
  • Portfolio sustainability insights
  • Green & Healthy building intelligence

Steffen Walvius is joining JLL after three years in P3 Logistic Parks where he was a Group Sustainability Manager. During his career in real estate sustainability consultancy business, Steffen has helped numerous real estate clients adopt better environmental, social and governance business practices and build green & healthy buildings.

Richard Batten, Global Chief Sustainability Officer, JLL said: “Really pleased to see Steffen joining the JLL team in Prague in the newly created role of Head of Sustainability Services. JLL is keen to make sure that we stay ahead of the curve in all areas of sustainability and Steffen’s appointment will ensure that, working with our clients, we really can help shape the future of real estate for a better world.”

Andrew Peirson, MD Czech Republic, JLL said: “Besides sustainability and ESG, sustainability also integrates into all other services that JLL provides such as valuations, capital markets, workplace consultancy, project management, and industrial. We are moving the quality of our service to another level.”

Alexandra Tomášková, Head of Corporate Solutions, JLL said: “We are proud to expand our services by a topic which is already affecting the real estate market. We need to help our clients navigate through that change. The scope of service includes the portfolio strategies as well as corporate ESG strategies. Steffen has been working with both angles and we are very happy to have him on board.”

Steffen Walvius said: “I am very eager to help companies in Central and Eastern Europe on their sustainability journey as a JLL member. JLL has the resources, a global network of professionals and knowledge to contribute to sustainable real estate development and advise clients in the ESG landscape.”


Coming from Netherlands, Steffen Walvius is a graduate of University of Zaragoza in Sustainable Energy System Management. He started his career at engineering consultancy firm ABT before moving to Schlumberger in 2014 on the position of Field Engineer and Data acquisition engineer. In 2017, Steffen moved to Prague and started working for P3 Logistic Parks-firstly at the position of Sustainability Consultant, later as Group Sustainability Manager. For the last almost 2 years, he worked as a sustainability consultant for several companies.. Steffen lived in several countries including EU countries, Canada and Ghana. In his leisure time, he likes to explore nature on foot, on bikes or in his family campervan. He also loves playing ice hockey and studying.

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