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A Man Fell Down Onto the Prague Metro Rails After a Brutal Attack

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Prague police are currently conducting an investigation into a brutal attack that took place in the Prague metro. During the incident, the victim was assaulted and fell onto the rails between the train cars. The police have appealed to the public for assistance in locating one of the attackers.

The attack occurred in early April, and on Monday, July 3, a police spokesperson reached out to the public for help, as they have been unable to locate the last suspect involved in the incident.

A Man Fell Down Onto the Prague Metro Rails After a Brutal Attack image 31

The altercation initially started with an argument inside a subway car and escalated upon reaching the Rajská zahrada station. During the course of the attack, an unidentified individual wearing a red jacket joined in, and the police are actively searching for this person.

“As a result of the scuffle, one of the suspects forcefully pushed the victim, causing him to fall onto the rails between the subway cars,” stated the police spokesperson. “One of the suspects also fell alongside him. While both sustained injuries, they were not severe.”

The police have already identified the three other attackers and are focused on identifying and locating the fourth individual.

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact the police at 158.

The police are treating the case as disorderly conduct and battery, which carries a maximum prison sentence of three years for the perpetrator if apprehended and convicted.

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