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A Woman Was Brutally Pushed Onto a Metro Rail Track in Prague

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The security camera footage captured an instance of exceedingly aggressive and brutal behavior by a 50-year-old man. The incident unfolded at Prague’s Smíchovské nádraží metro station, where he forcefully pushed a woman from behind, causing her to collapse onto the tracks. The woman was left unconscious and severely injured as the man quietly vanished from the scene. It wasn’t until the woman regained consciousness in the hospital that the police managed to trace the man’s whereabouts.

Jan Rybanský, the police spokesperson, provided details about the incident on the following Monday. According to his report, the man forcefully shoved the woman from behind with such intensity that she fell onto the tracks and remained motionless. Fortunately, there were no metro trains passing at that moment.

The security camera footage suggests that the man and the woman seemed to be acquainted. Initially, the man’s actions might have appeared as if he was indicating a direction for the woman to walk. However, her response was not favorable, and she circumvented him. It appears that he reacted with calculated intent by viciously pushing her from behind, causing her to stumble at the edge of the platform.

“After falling between the rails, the woman lay lifeless beneath the platform. The man then calmly departed the station vicinity and disappeared. Despite providing the man’s description and a photo to street patrols, they were unable to apprehend him at that time,” the spokesperson conveyed.

Subsequently, through collaboration with the victim’s family and the victim herself after she was awakened from induced sedation at the hospital, law enforcement managed to ascertain the identity of the man. The process was facilitated by photographs obtained from the scene.

“Based on the evidence collected, including the photographs, the authorities were able to determine the Prague hostel where the assailant was staying. He was arrested several days after the incident,” Rybanský revealed. The 50-year-old suspect has been charged with disorderly conduct and attempted grievous bodily harm, offenses that could result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years.


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