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Prague Pride

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The annual Prague Pride festival, highlighting LGBTQ+ rights and celebrating the community, has started this week. In support of this event, the Prague city hall, as well as some other administrative buildings, is now decorated with a rainbow coloured Pride flags. While flags are a nice touch, the LGBTQ+ community is currently more interested in a legislative change, that would allow all people, regardless of their sex and gender, to enter a marriage. Currently all couples in the country can enter a registered partnership, but only the traditionally Christian couple of one heterosexual male and one heterosexual female can officially undergo the process of marriage and call each other husband and wife. Furthermore, the marriage status has way more legal perks than just a registered partnership, such as tax alleviations, inheritance rights and many more. The current government was never officially interested in passing such a law. However, many countries including the United States have recently stepped away from the conservative concept of marriage. According to public surveys, 67 percent of Czech voters would support such a change now. The coalition that currently leads the election race, Piráti and STAN, directly promises this change to its voters in its election plan. With the election race being very close, maybe the decision to recognize that all humans love the same, regardless of who they love, will become the tipping point of the upcoming Czech parliament elections.  

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